Threat Assessment

Pitt Threat Assessment and Management Team

Campus Violence Prevention depends on all members of the Pitt community (employees, Students, and Campus Visitors) to keep the University of Pittsburgh a safe and healthy, living and learning environment. Recognizing and reporting early signs of worrisome or potentially dangerous behaviors are crucial to the prevention of campus violence.
The Threat Assessment and Management (“TAM”) team is a multidisciplinary group that meets and operates on a regular basis and as needed in crisis situations. Using principles of threat management, the team is available to receive, review, discuss, evaluate threats or acts of violent harm to members of the Pitt community; to adopt and implement strategies to reduce risk of harm to the University community; and to monitor and reevaluate threats and mitigation strategies.
Mission Statement: The Threat Assessment and Management Team is committed to improving the safety of the University of Pittsburgh community through a proactive, collaborative, and coordinated approach to the prevention, identification, assessment, intervention, and management of situations that may reasonably pose a threat to the safety and well-being of the University of Pittsburgh community.

“Perpetrators of serious campus violence don’t “just snap.” These incidents are not impulsive or random.” *


You can make a difference by reporting concerns to Pitt’s Threat Assessment Team

Emergency: Call Pitt Police at 412-624-2121 or City Police at 911
Non-Emergency: Call 412-624-4288 to report a possible threat; or to email anonymously use: or the Rave Guardian App.

Team Membership

  • Ted P. Fritz, J.D., Vice Chancellor, Public Safety & Emergency Management
  • Commander David Basile and Det. Sgt. Pat Laughlin, Pitt Police Investigations Unit
  • Dr. Karin Asher, EdD, Associate Director of the Career Center; Student Affairs
  • Jennifer Seng, J.D., Associate General Counsel, legal advisor
  • Dr. Jay Darr, University Counseling Center
  • Mark Burdsall, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Consulting Services; Human Resources 


*Source: Campus Threat Assessment Presentation, July, 2013, © G. Deisinger, Ph.D. & M. Randazzo, Ph.D. (2013), citing: U.S. Secret Service & Dept. of Education (2002). Final Report and Findings of the Safe School Initiative.