Please continue to visit this page for updated FAQs as the project details develop

  • When is opening day?
    • Projected 2024 — Exact date is unknown at this time, keep checking back!
  • Will this facility by accessible?
    • Absolutely, accessibility access is one of our top priorities!
  • Where can I get updates on the progress of this project?
    • You found it, just keep checking back to this site
  • Who did you include in the advisory group? 
    • Graduate and undergraduate students, faculty and staff input was enlisted to help shape this project.
  • What’s inside the facility?
    • Building details are still being finalized.
  • Will the center employ students?
    • Absolutely! Student employment will play a very important role in the success of this center.
  • Who is the architect behind this center?
    • The University has tapped architecture firm Moody Nolan to design the center.