Personal Training Prices


½ hour sessions with one of our certified personal trainers will turn your workouts into the most complete and time-effective exercise you can have. Here we focus on a full 30-minute workout made specifically for your goals and fitness level.

  • 1 SESSION:  $20.00
  • 4 SESSIONS:  $80.00


One hour-long session with a certified personal trainer will give you a full workout experience. An intensive 50-minute workout with a warm-up + cool-down will leave you feeling like every muscle has been worked, and get you on the journey to reaching your health and fitness goals.

  • 1 SESSION:  $40.00
  • 4 SESSIONS:  $160.00


  • Make your workouts count with the Panther Exercise Prescription Jumpstart.
  • This package is designed for students wanting to make the most of their time in the gym, enhance performance, and get the results they desire. Any goals can be met whether it’s increasing conditioning, speed and agility, strength, losing weight, or improving sport-specific skills. Each student will meet with a certified personal trainer to discuss goals as well as perform a baseline fitness test (session 1). Next, the trainer will design and review a personalized 4-week exercise prescription to fit all of the student’s goals (session 2). After the 4-week period, the trainer and student will meet again for a follow-up session to assess progress and satisfaction from the student as well as discuss the next steps in health and fitness (session 3).
  • Session 1 – One Hour Fitness Testing Session
  • During this testing evaluation, a certified personal trainer will test your flexibility, strength, and endurance to better understand your needs as well as create an ideal program for you. Goals will be created and a personalized plan will be written.
  • Session 2 – Review of Exercise Prescription
  • You will meet in a private setting with your personal trainer and walk through your new, specialized training plan that will span 4 weeks. The goal for us is to lay out a routine that is simple to follow, easy to maintain, and guaranteed to enhance your fitness and health each week.
  • Session 3 – Follow Up Session
  • After the 4 week exercise plan has been completed, you will meet with your personal trainer again to assess progress, address concerns, and evaluate your results. From here, you can discuss the best strategy for how to continue with your journey to health and wellness.

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