Personal Training



Whether your goal is to get fit, drop weight, change your routine, increase strength or recover from an injury, our personal trainers are committed to helping everyone meet their goals. Personal Training services are offered to all full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh. Through this service, certified personal trainers provide undergraduate and graduate students with individualized custom exercise programs tailored to meet their health needs and fitness goals. The program caters to all experience levels.

Registration Process for Personal Training

The first step toward personal training is to obtain a complimentary wellness consultation. Here you can meet with a certified trainer to discuss items related to your wellness, set goals, perform optional health/fitness testing, and more. This step helps the trainer fully understand your needs prior to the first training session. Click here to request a wellness consultation.
All payments are made online via credit card. Our staff will walk you through this process following your initial consultation.
Training services are only available to undergraduate and graduate students.
Clients may choose their trainer. If you are unsure of which trainer you would like to work with, we can choose a trainer that fits your needs based on the information gathered from the registration form. A trainer will contact the client within one week of purchasing their personal training package.