First Year Mentors


The First Year Mentors (FYMs) are upper-class student leaders who are here to support new students and their transition to Pitt. We have a team of FYMs working  throughout the summer to plan fun and exciting activities to help you get connected during PittStart and Orientation. During Fall and Spring semesters, the FYMs will be planning and promoting campus events to make sure your first year at Pitt is outstanding!





Brock Brock Abramson

Hometown: Zelienople, PA

Major: Chemistry

My favorite thing about Pitt... is the diversity of both the people and opportunities that allow me to accomplish what I am most passionate about.


Megan B Megan Benish

Hometown: Lower Burrell, PA

Major: Pre-Communication Science

Minors/Certificates: Social Work Minor

My favorite thing about Pitt... are the amazing people and opportunities available at the University.  Pitt is a unique place with many different people and allows you to improve yourself as a student, friend, and all around person.

Neil Bradley

Hometown: Sharon, MA

Major: Environmental Studies  

My favorite thing about Pitt... are the people and the location. I never get bored here because there’s so much to do on and around campus and the diverse student population assures there are always new people to meet.


Julianne Julianne Castillo

Hometown: Gainesville, VA

Major: Global Management

My favorite thing about Pitt...  is meeting new people and having great conversations. The people here are really diverse and come from all over.


De'Jovia De'Jovia Davis

Hometown: Savannah, GA

Major: Psychology & Urban Studies

Minors/Certificates: Public Service

My favorite thing about Pitt... The opportunities and sense of community. I love the people, the campus, and the city.  I am able to try new things and pursue my passions.


Megan D Megan Dranow

Hometown: Butler, NJ

Major: Rehabilitation Science

My favorite thing about Pitt... the opportunities and sense of community. I love the people, the campus, and the city. I am able to try new things and pursue my passions.


Paula Paula Dzimira

Hometown: Blakeslee, PA (the Poconos)

Major: MPH Anthropology & Public Health MPH in Epidemiology

Minors/Certificates: Chemistry Minor

My favorite thing about Pitt... The amazing people, and atmosphere here at Pitt and throughout the city. The entire Pittsburgh community is incredibly friendly, there is always something new to explore or do, and with so many universities within its borders there is no shortage.

Madison Madison Faizon

Hometown: Manheim, PA

Major: History & Anthropology

Minors/Certificates: Africana Studies

My favorite thing about Pitt... is that every person creates a sense of community and belonging to the University. By creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, the University establishes a community of scholars and  leaders for a better tomorrow.


Lauren Lauren Greenwald

Hometown: Kingston, PA

Major: Communication and Political Science

Minors/Certificates: Sociology

Favorite thing about Pitt: The sense of community is the most incredible thing about Pitt. Being on campus feels like being home.


Donna Donna Gupta

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Psychology

Transfer/Commuter Student: Transfer Student

Favorite thing about Pitt... the opportunities! Internships, research, clubs and activities are just a few of the wonderful opportunities I've been able to embark on here at Pitt.  I feel as though I am constantly engaged within the Pitt community and truly able to leave my mark here at the University.

Saman Saman Hasan

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Major: History

Minors/Certificates: Neuroscience and Chemistry/Conceptual Foundations of Medicine

Favorite thing about Pitt: is that there's always something to do. Pitt offers so many resources and opportunities to engage with the community both on campus and off---you can never be bored!

Cassie Cassie Hom

Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA

Major: Marketing

My favorite thing about Pitt... is the community! Pitt students have so much school spirit and create a fun, welcoming environment! With such a diverse student body, making friends is easy and organic.


Quincey Quincey Johnston

Hometown: Douglassville, PA

Major: Chemistry

Minors/Certificates: English Literature & Administration of Justice

My favorite thing about Pitt... is the community! When I attended a summer program at another university, I really hated the atmosphere; everyone was super competitive and I finally understood what it was like to live in what they called a "dog-eat-dog world". When I came to Pitt, not only was everyone super friendly and kind, but everyone was there to support you and help you succeed! I'm so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful friends that I've made and my extremely supportive coworkers, and it makes Pitt feel like home.


Sree Sree Mekala

Hometown: Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill)

Major: Biology & Neuroscience

Minors/Certificates: Chemistry 

Transfer/Commuter Student: Transfer Student

My favorite thing about Pitt... is the opportunities available both academically and socially. There are so many different clubs, organizations, events, and internships available that it's really easy to get involved on campus and the community!


Zackary Zackary Miller

Hometown: Altoona, PA

Major: Pre-Pharmacy

Minors/Certificates: Chemistry

My favorite thing about Pitt... are the faculty and staff here at the University. The faculty and staff here are very caring, supportive, and are always willingly to help support you as you work towards accomplishing your goals.


Mary-Rose Mary-Rose O'Donnell

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Major: English Writing Non-Fiction & Information Science

My favorite thing about Pitt... is Pittsburgh! Whether it be in Oakland or Squirrel Hill, there's always something to do and new things to explore.

Amanda Amanda Parent

Hometown: Toledo, OH

Major: Biology & French

Minors/Certificates: Chemistry & GSWS

My favorite thing about Pitt... is the opportunities I've had both academically and socially. I've loved connecting with people from all over the world and being able to learn more about different cultures and fields both in and out of the classroom.


Emmy Emmy Penisson

Hometown: Media, PA

Major: Psychology & English Literature

Minors/Certificates: English Writing - Poetry track

Favorite thing about Pitt... is how there is always something to do for fun, it's really hard to be bored because there are so many places to go, places to eat, and events that are held!



Caroline Caroline Rizzuto

Hometown: Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Major: Rehabilitation Science

My favorite thing about Pitt...  is the variety of opportunities available and the location.

Ashumi Ashumi Rokadia

Hometown: Bridgeville, PA

Major: Computer Science & Information Science

Transfer/Commuter Student: Transfer Student

My favorite thing about Pitt... I really love the variety of clubs and organizations available at Pitt. Every student who attends Pitt is able to leave his or her legacy after leaving the University and is able to really make an impact on the community.


Liam Liam Satler

Hometown: Havertown, PA

Major: Computer Engineering

My favorite thing about Pitt... is the campus. Pitt is in a beautiful area, and I love walking around the campus.


Dylan Dylan Sloat

Hometown: Cranberry Twp., PA

Major: Political Science, Economics

Minors/Certificates: American History

Favorite thing about Pitt...The amazing, diverse Oakland community!

Veronica Veronica Tatone

Hometown: Derry PA

Major: Psychology

Transfer/Commuter Student: Transfer Student

Favorite thing about Pitt: My favorite thing about Pitt is the location. Pittsburgh is a great city with lots of fun things to do and lots of educational opportunities.



Melody Melody Whittaker

Hometown: Irwin, PA

Major: Bioengineering

Minors/Certificates: Mechanical Engineering

Transfer/Commuter Student: Commuter Student

My favorite thing about Pitt... is the community! Here at Pitt, I find myself constantly surrounded by supportive, caring, and genuine people!


Ge Ge Zeng

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Major: Computer Science

Minors/Certificates: Math

My favorite thing about Pitt...  is how people around me are diverse and dynamic. They provide a lot of support and care for each other, so I love to be at Pitt so much!