Student Conduct

Student Conduct, under the Division of Student Affairs, provides the framework by which members of the University of Pittsburgh community may address alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct by University of Pittsburgh students. Student Conduct is a neutral body, taking neither the position of the complainant or the accused, but providing fair process, and education, for both parties.

We also provide opportunities for University of Pittsburgh students to become involved in the system by serving as members of the Judicial Board. Faculty and staff members have opportunities for professional development by becoming Hearing Officers within Student Conduct. The Judicial Board and the Hearing Officers are responsible for making determinations if an accused student is or is not responsible for violating the charge(s) as alleged. If the student is found to be responsible, the Judicial Board and the Hearing Officers are also responsible for making recommendations for sanctions to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Dean of Students.

Additionally, we provide disciplinary clearances for students as requested for scholarships, study abroad opportunities, and employment.


The mission of Student Conduct is to educate members of the University of Pittsburgh community about behavioral standards and expectations. We aim to increase our level of pro-activity in educating students about appropriate behavior an also to continue to expand our partnerships with other offices/ services on campus. We will adjudicate violations of the Code in a timely and efficient manner. Representatives of this office will treat all students, faculty and staff with respect and will establish policies and procedures to complement The Pitt Promise. Any student accused of violating the Code will be provided with accurate information about their rights and responsibilities as a University of Pittsburgh student.