Local Travel

The SORC is able to assist your organization with local travel arrangements and accommodations.  All accommodations should be arranged through the SORC and Anthony Travel.  Please see below for various options for planning your student organization’s transportation.

Vehicle Rentals

Your student organization is eligible to reserve vehicles from Enterprise through the SORC. Only reservations made through the SORC will receive the University discount. Please refer to the PantherExpress Travel Management website when requesting for funds related to vehicles rented through the SORC.

The following criteria must be met to obtain approval for student use of a vehicle rented through the SORC:

• Must be enrolled at the University and/or be an active student with a valid Pitt ID.
• Must have a valid Driver’s License.
• Must be 21 years of age and have had a valid driver’s license for 2 years to drive a vehicle that seats 7 passengers or less.
• Must complete the Vehicle Rental Request Form at least 5 business days in advance for trips less than 250 miles one-way, or 14 business days in advance for trips over 250 miles one-way.
• Must provide a detailed itinerary that includes destination, estimated number of miles, and planned travel route (a Mapquest or GoogleMaps print out will suffice) with Authorization form.

For trips over 250 miles one-way:
• Vehicle request must be submitted at least 14 business days in advance.
• Two approved drivers are required.
• Drivers must rotate every 3 hours.
• No more than 10 hours of driving can be completed during any one day.
• Driving between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am is prohibited.
• A detailed itinerary must be provided including stop and driver change locations.
• The organization advisor or substitute advisor (faculty or staff member, graduate student assistant, or contracted coach) must accompany the organization on the trip and must sign the advisor portion of the Vehicle Request Form.

Students granted permission to rent vehicles through the University must agree to the following rules and regulations:

• Use vehicles for official stated purpose only.
• Operate vehicle in accordance with University rules and regulations.
• Observe all applicable traffic laws, ordinances and regulations.
• Use safe driving practices at all times.
• Use seat belts at all times.
• Driver assumes all responsibility for fines or traffic violations.
• No smoking in rental vehicles.
• Do not permit unauthorized individuals to drive or ride in the vehicle.
• Ensure that all doors and windows are locked when vehicle is not in use.
• Inspect vehicle before leaving and after returning to the point of pick-up.
• Report any malfunctions or damages to the local Enterprise branch from which the vehicle was rented.
• Report any accidents to local authorities, the local Enterprise branch from which the vehicle was rented, and University Travel Management.
• Student organizations and/or individual members may be held responsible for damages to rental vehicles. It is important to contact University Travel Management in these cases so that we can work
with you.

Non-compliance with the above guidelines may result in disciplinary actions up to and including Judicial Board review and may also jeopardize future vehicle rental privileges for the student organization.

Charter Buses

To request a charter bus for local or national travel, fill out a Charter Bus Request Form and submit to pittshuttles@pitt.edu. A quote will be provided to you by the Office of Parking and Transportation Services.  Submit this quote to the SORC Business Office (sorc2@pitt.edu) and, once approved, the SORC will arrange for an interdepartmental transfer of funds for payment.


All lodging requests should be made by directly contacting Anthony Travel (pitt@anthonytravel.com).  This includes, hotel accommodations, room blocks, and hotel event spaces.