SFZ Sleep Support


Yoga & Mindfulness for Sleep
The things we do during the day to take our minds off anxious thoughts–things like talking, watching TV, and checking social media–these interactive things aren’t helpful when we’re trying to sleep because they keep the mind and body activated.


So it can be really helpful to learn a skill that helps us be more comfortable in silence, with ourselves, and with our thoughts. Mindfulness is this kind of skill. It gives us a new way to work with the thoughts that normally control us and keep us awake.


The Bedtime Yoga in the SFZ Sleep Support video teaches mindful awareness and can be a helpful addition to a bedtime routine. The Body Scan audio, which will be suggested at the end of the yoga instruction allows you to practice mindful awareness in stillness and can be a good transition from the yoga into bed.


•   Bedtime Yoga Video (With Introduction)


•   Bedtime Yoga Video (No Introduction)


•   Body Scan


•   Sleep Tips   (PDF)