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The Stress Free Zone is located on the 3rd Floor of the WPU, but our Peer Educators and staff are also available for outreach and are willing to come to you for any program or stress reduction type activities.   Please complete the SFZ Outreach Form (CLICK HERE) and return to sfz@pitt.edu.   Outreach Forms are due at least two weeks before the desired program.


Please contact sfz@pitt.edu when you need to:

  • Schedule a SFZ program for your floor or student group
  • Learn more about an internship as a SFZ Peer Educator
  • Inquire about volunteering in the SFZ
  • Find out more about SFZ programs and service

HallieHallie Stotsky, MEd, RYT
Stress Free Zone Advisor
Health Education, Student Health Services