Spread the Facts, Not Germs!

Best ways to stop the spread of germs that can cause the Flu and other viruses, while protecting yourself in the process.

  • Get Vaccinated.
    When a vaccine is available, this is the best way to protect yourself.
  • Don’t touch your Face!
    Avoid touching nose, mouth and eyes with unwashed hands.
    This is the easiest way for germs to enter the body.
  • Wash your Hands frequently.
    CLICK HERE to view a video on proper hand washing technique.
    Must wash your hands for 20 seconds or more to sufficiently clean them.
  • Cover your Coughs and Sneezes.
    Always cough or sneeze into the angle of your arm.   Don’t use your hands if possible.
  • Avoid sharing cups, utensils, water bottles, and other personal items
  • Avoid contact with those already sick.
  • Stay home if you become sick.