Cancel Appointment

Cancel  an  Appointment – Using Online Student Health

The Student Health Service now provides a variety of Online Portal Services to all students of our Oakland Campus thru their University student portal site at   Please review the Usage Pre-Requisites first before proceeding.

How to Cancel an Appointment Online

  1. Logon to the University student portal and enter Online Student Health.   Review the Logon Procedure if you need assistance.CLICK HERE to view snapshot of Online Student Health Home Page.

  3. From the Online Student Health Home Page, locate the Upcoming Appointments section at the right of the page.
    CLICK HERE to view snapshot of Online Student Health Home Page with Upcoming Appointments.

  5. Click on the CANCEL button under the appointment that you want to cancel.   A Cancellation Reason box will appear.

  7. You will then need to select a Cancellation Reason from a drop down box that will appear.   After selecting a Cancellation Reason, then click on the Submit button.

  9. A Cancellation email will be sent you to verify that the appointment was successfully cancelled.

  11. You can cancel an appointment online up to 12 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

If you are unable to cancel your appointment online, please call us at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time at (412) 383-1800 to cancel.


*** Failure to cancel will result in being charged a NoShow Fee.