Transgender Health

Transgender Health Care

Transgender students interested in cross gender, hormonal therapy are welcome to come and consult with us.   We will work with the student to develop the best treatment plan for them in collaboration with their mental health care provider.   We provide services related to cross gender therapy and provide ongoing care and follow-up after the initiation and initial adjustment of hormones.   We can also provide referrals for mental health and other transgender related services such as vocal training, electrolysis, surgery, etc.

Hormone Therapy

Hormonal therapy (e.g. testosterone or estrogen/progestin), as well as spironolactone and other anti-androgen therapy, consultation, prescription, and maintenance can be provided by an experienced physician at the Student Health Service, who is familiar with transgender health concerns.

The Student Health Service can provide these hormones and other therapies in several ways.   Student Health Service physician can prescribe and monitor cross gender therapies ordered through the Student Health Service’s pharmacy or brought by students from their coordinating physician/pharmacy.   Our nursing staff is skilled at teaching patients to self-administer intramuscular or subcutaneous hormonal therapies, if education is desired/needed.