Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

The Student Health Service offers a Physical Therapy Clinic twice a week.   It is serviced by licensed physical therapists from UPMC Centers for Rehab Services (CRS).

The Physical Therapy Clinic offers a broad range of services to facilitate recovery from and prevention of injuries or illnesses that affect the musculoskeletal system and sensorimotor functions.   The physical therapist will provide evaluation and individualized treatment and education programs for the student-patient.

Physical therapy can help speed recovery from injury by easing pain and restoring joint motion.   Proper treatment improves muscle strength and endurance and cardiovascular conditioning.   Treatment focuses on injury prevention and relearning daily life activities during recovery. The physical therapist can also provide our patients with an exercise program they can continue back in their dorm or apartment.

Due to high student demand and space limitations, the SHS Physical Therapy Clinician can only accommodate a limited number of visits per student.   Should a student require multiple sessions, we will gladly make a referral to an outside physical therapy service nearby.

How much will this cost?
The CRS accepts most major insurances.   Your insurance information will be obtained at the time of your visit.

Appointments are made via a referral from a Student Health Service clinician.   Follow-up appointments are typically determined by the physical therapist.   Call the Student Health Service at 412-383-1800 for further information.   Clinics are held Mondays and Wednesday s, 10am – 5pm.