The University has a comprehensive array of educational programs aimed at preventing sexual assaults and harassment, relationship violence, and stalking that include the following:

Online Modules

All incoming students, staff, and faculty are required to complete online training modules. Campus Clarity provides members of the Pitt community with valuable information regarding sexual misconduct.  After participating in the online training program, participants will understand what constitutes sexual misconduct and how to identify and report sexual misconduct.

Peer Education

There are two organizations that provide educational programming.


SAFE (Sexual Assault Facilitation and Education) and PantherWELL are student organizations consisting of more than 75 highly trained peer educators who present programs on dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

The focus of the programs is bystander intervention, which is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to safely intervene when circumstances of sexual or interpersonal violence or stalking are about to occur or are occurring. Students also are given information on risk reduction strategies to help them to address conditions that facilitate violence.

The SHARE coordinator provides on-going trainings and tabling events about sexual violence throughout the year to staff, faculty, and a variety of student groups. These trainings are available upon request by emailing the coordinator, Michele Welker.

The office of Title IX coordinates and offers a wide variety of on-going trainings and educational programming. Please refer to their Web site for further information.

Sexual Assault Task Force: This group convenes monthly and is chaired by Katie Pope, Title IX Coordinator and Marian Vanek, Director of Student Health Service. Participants include a wide variety of interested student leaders, staff and faculty who hope to affect change and create a climate of safety on campus.

Sexual Violence Coalition: This student led group convenes regularly to address issues and concerns regarding sexual violence on Pitt’s campus.

Dating Violence Awareness Week:  Special events and programming take place every October to draw attention to this issue.

Sexual Assault Awareness Week: A variety of programs occurs each spring during Sexual Assault Awareness Week to reinforce the messages by engaging students in interactive events.