Regional Leadership Conference

Thank you for attending RL”C” the World!

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Join us at the University of Pittsburgh for CAACURH’s 2019 Regional Leadership Conference, where our goal is to assist in the creation and development of globally aware leaders. We hope that attendees not only learn valuable leadership skills, but also develop a more global perspective. In a society becoming more and more globally interconnected, we see the need for future leaders to understand how their decisions will have impacts worldwide.  We believe in the importance of not only awareness of the world around us, but the value it can add to our lives. By highlighting the vibrant culture and diversity of both Pittsburgh and Pitt, we hope to show attendees the value of diversity and inclusion as well as an open mind in all that they do.

CAACURH 2019 will take place on November 8-10, 2019 at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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