Q: Can I choose my own roommate?
A: Yes. You can indicate a roommate preference on your Housing application. Both you and your potential roommate must submit online the other's seven-digit University ID number, also known as your PeopleSoft number, on the online Housing application. Panther Central will do its best to accommodate any roommate request, but there is no guarantee. For more information on the housing application process, contact Panther Central at 412.648.1100 or pc@pc.pitt.edu.

Q: Are there certain items not permitted in the residence halls?

A: Yes. Listed in the Residential Handbook are specific items which are not permitted in the residence halls: candles, hot plates, and pets, other than fish, are just a few items not permitted. Review the Residential Handbook prior to arrival to ensure policies are not being violated.

Q: Which residence halls are co-ed? Which are single-sex?

A: We have 14 different residential communities. Twelve of those house both male and female students. The only single-sex residence halls on campus are Holland Hall and Amos Hall Sorority Housing, which only house women.

Q: I'm not bringing a car to campus but would still like to explore the city. Is there a public transportation system for Pitt students?

A: One of the most exciting aspects of living in Pittsburgh is your proximity to the museums, shops, sporting events, restaurants, and theaters that define our city. Whether you're headed to class or going out of town, you can get there from here. Free campus shuttles run throughout Oakland. With your Panther Card, you can also ride fare-free on all Port Authority buses, trolleys, and inclines. When it's after hours and you need a way home, Safe Rider will pick you up and drive you to your doorstep.


Q: I have a facilities issue in my residence hall room, such as a leaky faucet, blown lightbulb, etc. What should I do?
Complete an online maintenance request. If there is an emergency facilities issue, please contact Panther Central at 412.648.1100 for more immediate assistance.

Policy & Procedure

Q: I was documented in my residence hall and/or received a police citation off-campus; now I have a meeting scheduled with my Resident Director or another conduct officer on-campus. How long will this stay on my record?
A: The University of Pittsburgh maintains all judicial records up to seven years after a student’s graduation.

Q: I haven’t spoken with my student in 24 hours and am concerned for his or her well-being. What should I do?

A: Contact Panther Central at 412.648.1100. Panther Central will connect with your student’s Resident Director or the Resident Director On-Call, as well as Pitt Police, to conduct a wellness check on your student. Also, please refer to the Missing Student Protocol for more detailed information.

Resources & Support

Q: Which locations on or around campus accept Panther Funds?
A: Panther Funds are a safe, convenient alternative to carrying cash. The Panther Funds program is free and available to all University students, faculty, and staff. Use your Panther Card to access pre-paid funds to purchase food, beverages, merchandise, and services on and off campus. There are no transaction fees or minimum balances with Panther Funds. Your account is active and funds are available to you as soon as you "load" funds onto your card. Load funds on your card at different Panther Fund boxes located across campus with a Debit/Credit Card or cash; or you can load funds with a Debit/Credit Card online.

Q: What resources and/or accommodations are there if I have a disability and am living on campus?

A: Disability Resources and Services (DRS) recognizes that there are a number of conditions that may require specific adjustments or accommodations while in a University facility. Housing accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis by DRS, the Housing Department, and appropriate medication/psychological specialists if needed. Requests for reasonable housing accommodations are considered only when an individual submits a completed Housing Accommodation Request Form. Please be advised that students must complete all required housing applications and be eligible for University Housing through Housing Services.

Q: Is there a pharmacy on campus where I can fill prescriptions?

A: Yes. In conjunction with Student Health Service, there is a student pharmacy located in Nordenberg Hall, offering a wide variety of prescription medications and over-the-counter products. The pharmacy is licensed by the Pennsylvania Board of Pharmacy and is operated by three registered pharmacists and one pharmacy technician. Our licensed pharmacists will be happy to discuss any questions you have regarding your medications.

Living in a Residence Hall

Q: How can I receive mail or packages on campus?
A: Your individual campus mailbox corresponds to your room and bed number. You receive the mailbox combination when you arrive on campus. The University operates resident student mail centers, which are conveniently located in Litchfield Towers, Sutherland Hall, Forbes Hall, Lothrop Hall, Panther Hall, Pennsylvania Hall, and Nordenberg Hall. For a list of contact information and hours of operation for each mail center, refer to University Mailing Services