Sustainable Solutions Competition

Sustainable Solutions Competition



Sustainable Solutions offers Pitt students the opportunity to share their innovative ideas on campus sustainability and to WIN $10,000 towards the implementation of their project.

See photos from the 2017 competition here!

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2017 Competition 


The 2017 Competition winners with the judges panel. Winning team members (beginning third from left, front row): Naomi Anderson, Sinjon Bartel, Hana Swift, Lora Matway. 

Winning Solution – The Bike Cave: a Bicycle Cooperative 

The Bike Cave is the brain child of the Pitt Bicycle Collective, a student organization dedicated to making cycling more accessible on campus. This project proposed to utilize the space under the Posvar bridge and underpass as a bicylce cooperative: a place where community members can learn how to repair their bikes at a low price and connect with other cyclists. The Bike Cave’s consideration of community needs, student budget, and the environmental advantages of biking make it a sustainable solution that truly embodies the three pillars of sustainability: people, profit, and planet. The members of the winning team are Naomi Anderson, Sinjon Bartel, Lora Matway, Hana Swift, and Kim Dinh.



2017 Runner Up – Reward the Reuser


Team members Kaleigh Smith and Nicole Iden

The 2017 Competition runner up was Reward the Reuser, a project to reduce and eventually eliminate use of disposable coffee cups on campus. The project will bring Cupanion to Pitt’s campus: a cup and bar-code system that provides incentives for reusable cup use. For more information on Cupanion, visit their website. As the second-place winner, this project will receive $1,000 of funding courtesy of the Student Office of Sustainability.

2015 Competition

Sustainable Solutions 2015


Winning Solution- O’Hara Street Revitalization

The Pitt Sustainable Landscapes Garden is a student designed project intended as an example of how sustainable practices and use of native plants can benefit wildlife, aid in storm water management and improve the overall health of our urban environment.The winning team included Alex Verosky, Russell Thorsen, Nick Rubenstein, Arun Balaraman, Sean O’Connor who introduced a revitalization project for O’Hara Street on campus.


2014 Competition


Winning Solution

Presented by: Nick Hufnagel, Nuria Marquez, Bailey Lien, Kenneth Arble
Project Towers
What’s better than a central location, visited by thousands of students daily, that can not only be a feature of sustainability on campus but also a campus education zone? The winning proposal focused on a retrofit of the Litchfield Towers Lobby to ensure that sustainable features were included and students were aware of the direct impact on the campus and the environment.


Runner up:

Presented by: Kim Yearwood, Joe Brown, Miguel Pelino, Aly Yingst
Big Bellys
Solar powered trash compacting receptacles are about to find a home in Oakland! Big Belly trash and recycling bins reduce the amount of trash build up while also decreasing the number of times they need to be emptied and the number of bags needed. At least three trash cans will be strategically placed in our community to allow the sun to make our neighborhood more sustainable!