Get Green Certified!

Green Resident Green Floor Certification * Closed for the 2019-2020 academic year! Check back in August 2020 for the new certification application.

Are you a residence hall student looking to decrease your environmental footprint? Want to compete against your floor mates for bragging rights, and against other floors for prizes?

  • Fill out this certification form to get started, and explore the other pages on this site for tips and tricks to boost your score!
  • Each activity is worth between one and three points, if you score at least 50% of the possible points, you’ll become a Green Certified Resident and receive an e-certificate!
  • If 50% of your floor achieves Green Resident Status, together you’ll be a Green Certified Floor. Not only do all Green Floors get a sweet certificate to display, but the highest scoring floor also wins a zero-waste finals party complete with dinner from a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant!

Green Event Certification

  • Have you considered composting and recycling during and after your event?
  • Can you provide agendas or material electronically instead of printing?
  • Are you providing your guests with vegetarian and vegan food options?
  • If your event is outdoors have you requested the WaterMonster?
  • Post to the Pitt Food Share to get rid of excess food after your event!
  • Ready to Green Certify? FOLLOW THIS LINK!

Click the hyperlink to fill out the application for Green Event Certification. The application will walk you through greening every part of your event.