Student Civic Engagement Council


The Student Civic Engagement Council (SCEC) mission is to provide University of Pittsburgh students with the opportunity to engage their talents with local communities and neighborhoods to support and promote civic engagement, community service, and social justice.


In 2014, the SCEC was launched under the direction of the Office of PittServes, signaling the commitment of the University to community engagement and student development. The SCEC was created to challenge and support students to be engaged citizens in their communities and be active parts of support in building a culture of service for the University of Pittsburgh.


Our vision is to see students engage in meaningful, productive service projects while learning and improving their personal outlook on service and the communities we serve.

Our values include:

    • Community engagement
    • Academic enrichment
    • Leadership and action
    • Personal development
    • Humility


Katelyn Bailey
Hey everyone! I'm currently a senior in CGS majoring in Public Service and Administration with certificates in Public and Professional Writing and National Preparedness and Homeland Security. Throughout my I am very passionate about service, especially when it comes to disaster preparedness and relief. I joined the SCEC because I wanted to be involved with people who were just as passionate about service as I am. I also want to help students find service and outreach opportunities that they are passionate about. Throughout this year, I hope to learn more about the Pittsburgh community and develop my leadership and civic engagement skills so I can continue my passion in service for all the years to come.
Lalit Molleti
Hello! My name is Lalit and I'm a senior studying Asian Studies, Psychology, and Korean on the pre-Med track. I'm passionate in understanding how culture can influence and shape the conversation of healing and growth within community settings. To that end, I'm work with immigrant, refugee, and other diverse populations. This year I'm excited to learn about more communities in Pittsburgh and how to strengthen the communities through understanding the cultures of the community.
Katya Slozina
My name is Katya and I'm a junior hoping to study Bio Engineering. I joined SCEC with the hopes of developing a stronger connection between Pitt students and the Pittsburgh community. This year I hope to encourage students to find something they're passionate about as well as to make time in their day to give back.My main areas of interest are sustainability, child education, and women's health/safety. I'm very excited for this year and the opportunity to learn more about serving and leading.
Khadajah Muhammad
Hi, name’s Khadajah Muhammad, I am a junior and political science major working on a global studies certificate in the peace, conflict, and security concentration. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and as a freshman I joined Jumpstart in an effort to explore Pittsburgh as well as my campus more while also serving a community. I joined SCEC with that idea in mind and also with the idea to help create more opportunities for other students to volunteer and lend their time to service opportunities whether it is on campus or off.