Student Civic Engagement Council


The Student Civic Engagement Council (SCEC) mission is to provide University of Pittsburgh students with the opportunity to engage their talents with local communities and neighborhoods to support and promote civic engagement, community service, and social justice.


In 2014, the SCEC was launched under the direction of the Office of PittServes, signaling the commitment of the University to community engagement and student development. The SCEC was created to challenge and support students to be engaged citizens in their communities and be active parts of support in building a culture of service for the University of Pittsburgh.


Our vision is to see students engage in meaningful, productive service projects while learning and improving their personal outlook on service and the communities we serve.

Our values include:

    • Community engagement
    • Academic enrichment
    • Leadership and action
    • Personal development
    • Humility


Abigail Capella
Hey everyone! I am a senior majoring in Nonprofit Management with a minor in Spanish. I joined the SCEC because I wanted to further explore volunteering opportunities throughout Pittsburgh while helping other students connect with it’s different communities as well. I have a special interest in working with youth of all kind, but especially those living in low-income, immigrant, and refugee populations. During my work with PittServes and the SCEC I hope to broaden my understanding of what it means to serve and lead. I also hope to help students find what they’re passionate about so that they will want to continue serving throughout their time at Pitt and during the years that follow.
Christine Chau
Hey y’all! My name’s Christine and I’m a junior studying Biology and Psychology on the pre-Public Health track. I joined the SCEC to provide a platform for people to get involved in service and to further develop my understanding of what it means to lead and serve. While on the SCEC, I want to engage more Pitt students with the Office of PittServes and with volunteering in general. Next year, I want to focus more on projects involving women and children in shelters, refugees and immigrants, and people with mental and/or physical disabilities. I’m super excited to be a part of the SCEC next year and I can’t wait to serve Pitt and the surrounding communities.
Zoe Currie
Hello! My name is Zoe, I am a senior at Pitt, studying Natural Science on the pre-Physician's Assistant track and minoring in Studio Art and Africana Studies. Some of my service passions include working with those experiencing homelessness, working with low income families and children, and working outdoors and contributing to a healthier environment. I joined the SCEC so I could further develop my leadership skills while fulfilling my passion for service, and help students at Pitt find service opportunities they are excited about. This year I look forward to connecting with students to help them find fun and interesting ways to serve our community, and I'm eager to take on projects that will help myself and others grow and become a more aware and compassionate members of the Pittsburgh community.
Alex Jones
I am a senior Urban Studies major getting a minor in Sociology and a certificate in Nonprofit management. I joined the SCEC because it is an opportunity to connect more fully to the communities surrounding the University. What drives my passion for service are the meaningful connections that come from those one-on-one conversations with members of the community. My goal for this year on the SCEC is to really push for and provide opportunities for more students to have these meaningful conversations and inspire them to become more involved.
Maura Kay
Hey yinz! I am a senior majoring in Urban Studies and Political Science with an English Literature minor. While I have a particularly difficult time isolating my favorite parts of Pittsburgh, I like to operate at the intersection of community development and sustainability. My service passions are tied to the built environment, particularly activities that support community wealth building. During my term of service, I hope to encourage Pitt students to become further engaged beyond the borders of campus, both in Oakland and beyond.
Katherine Laub
My name is Katherine, and I am a sophomore Civil Engineering student. I joined the SCEC in order to support sustainable initiatives and communities in need. I am passionate about serving low-income children and families as well as the immigrant and refugee population. During my year with the SCEC, I am seeking further engagement with the Pitt community as well as the greater Pittsburgh community, and I hope to gain knowledge and understanding about the cultures of diverse communities and how Pitt students can help these communities meet their needs. I am also excited to learn about the Pitt community, and explore how the needs of Pitt students fit with the needs of the people outside of Oakland.
IsaLynn Montgomery
Hello everyone, my name is IsaLynn Montgomery and I am a junior studying psychology and sociology here and the University of Pittsburgh. I am originally from Michigan. I have a passion for serving women and children in need as well areas with underrepresented minorities. I joined the SCEC so that I can have a greater impact here during my time at Pitt. I would like to encourage more students to participate in service work and give back to the surrounding communities. I also have always had a passion for service since I was young, so the SCEC seemed to be a great fit. My goals for this year include working with a local women and children’s shelter to provide basic everyday needs as well as implementing a childcare and enrichment program for the shelter’s residents. I would also like to continue a relationship with the Black Urban Gardeners and Farmers of Pittsburgh Co-op, who I worked with last school year and have built a relationship with.
Ali Rich
I am a junior Psychology major at Pitt on a Pre-Law track. I serve my community because it has provided me with a plethora of opportunities, and support, and now it is my turn to give back to the community members. I am very passionate about working with children in low income families, people with mental illness or special needs, women and children who have been abused, and juvenile delinquents or their families, and assisting with providing justice to those families. I am one of the PMADD Co-chairs this year and I am excited to lead our largest day of service and make a long-lasting impact on our community. I joined the SCEC because I want to dive deeper into service and why we do it as well as act as a voice regarding service needs for students on campus.