Parent Ambassadors

 Panther Parent Ambassadors

Panther Parent Ambassadors are engaged Pitt parents who are committed to partnering with us to ensure student success. Panther Parent Ambassadors work to strengthen relationships and form partnerships between parents and the University. In addition, they play a key role in enhancing parent programming in regional areas, helping to cultivate and maintain hospitable parent communities.



Panther Parent Ambassadors will receive:

  • Custom Parent Ambassador polo shirt (first year)
  • Special invitations to specific programs and campus tours
  • Parent Ambassador promotional items
  • Invitation to Family Weekend Breakfast Program
  • Special seating for Spring Commencement
  • Discount on Family Weekend registration


Pitt Summer Send-offs are one of the ways that Panther Parent Ambassadors share their experience and “Pitt Parent Expertise” with incoming freshmen students and their parents. These casual, comfortable events are held in regional areas where Pitt has concentrations of incoming first-year and transfer students, and are held in conjunction with a regional Pitt Alumni Club.   See this informational webinar for an overview of Summer Sendoffs.

In addition, Ambassadors may assist with on-campus activities such as behind-the-scenes research facility tours, Parent Panel Discussions/Webinars, Parents and Family Orientation, and Family Weekend. Interested Ambassadors should contact Sandy Talbott, Parent Liaison, to inquire about any of these opportunities at or (412) 624-8548.


Parent Ambassador Breakfast 2016 Recap

Below is a summary of topics that were suggested as things to share with incoming parents and families at Summer Freshmen Sendoffs.  These topics will be fleshed out and information provided to current Panther Parent Ambassadors as a tool to prepare for general sendoff conversations.  Links will be provided so that incoming freshmen parents can get the most up-to-date and accurate information on each topic.  Thanks!!

1.     Early Move-in Option: Panther Retreat

2.     Housing: Housing Facilities(laundry)

3.     Dining Services: Meal Plan options and swap options

4.     Health and wellness: Counseling Center; Health Clinic

5.     Academic: academic resources; peer tutor options

6.     Textbook & Smart Devices: Bookstore and other options

7.     Transportation: Holiday schedule; bus routes

8.     Career Development: Career services; Work-study options

9.     Study abroad: Resources and Options

10.  OCC: goal areas

11.  Family Weekend: Hotel Information and what to expect



The membership fee is $50 per year, per parent, on a rolling basis.