OCC Mini-Grants

OCC Mini-Grants for Student Organizations

The OCC Mini-Grant is a funding resource designed specifically for student organizations to support events and programs that meet the learning outcomes of the ten OCC goal areas. The Mini-Grant can also be used to assist in the initial event planning stages.
The Mini-Grant may be used once per semester by a specific student group and may result in up to $500 of funding via reimbursements.


Eligibility Requirements:

To be considered, your event must be:

  • Open to (and designed to appeal to) the Pitt undergraduate student body.
  • Specifically aligned with one of the OCC goal areas, not including “Pitt Pride” or “Initiative and Drive.”
  • Located on campus and easily accessible to all Pitt students.
  • Not funded through an OCC Mini-Grant for the current semester.
  • Likely to attract students outside of your organization and likely to attract a large number of students.
    Free of charge; no entry fee*.
  • Receiving funding from other source(s) such as SGB Allocations or academic departments.


*Event Sponsorship –

The OCC may still award a Mini-Grant to organizations hosting an event that requires a participation fee, as long as the fee is going towards a designated charity. Organizations must provide documentation that details the amount of funds raised and total money sent to the designated charity. As a sponsor, the OCC must be listed as such in all promotional materials before the event and at the event.


How to apply:

Step 1.

Create an event that meets the eligibility requirements above and one of the learning outcomes of an OCC goal area.


Step 2.

Post the event in Suitable (Detailed instructions can be found here).


Step 3.

Apply for an OCC mini-grant.  All OCC mini-grants have been awarded for the 2018-2019 school year. Thank you for your submissions and we will begin awarding mini-grants again in Fall 2019!


Applications must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the scheduled date of the event to be considered. All OCC Mini-Grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the semester by the OCC Mini-Grants Committee until the funding source has been depleted – there are a limited number of grants available each semester.


Step 4.

If you receive funding from an OCC Mini-Grant, you must bring copies of receipts showing how you used the funds to the OCC office (WPU 200) no later than 2 weeks after your event.  Any unused funds will be returned to the OCC Mini-Grant account.