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Students Awarded at National Residence Hall Conference

Students from University of Pittsburgh’s Residence Life attended the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) Annual Conference last week at Arizona State University. Students left the conference with new knowledge, excitement, and passion about Residence Life, along with a list of awards and achievements:
Caroline Seifert received a silver pin, four-year service pin, NRHH Presidential Bar and was inducted into the Advancement Society.
Timmy Miller received his NCC Bar and was sworn in to the RBD as coordinating officer for leadership. Residence Life assistant director DaVaughn Vincent-Bryan will serve as Timmy’s on-campus advisor.
Reagan Harper received a three-year service pin. In addition, Reagan presented on the topic of time management during the conference.
University of Pittsburgh’s Chapter of National Residence Hall Honorary had three regional winning Of the Month (OTM) awards and one national winning OTM.
Congratulations to all of these individuals for their awards and achievements!