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Sexual Misconduct Prevention Student Seed Grant Applications

In a community message sent on October 15, 2019, the Chancellor outlined some initial steps the University would take “to underpin (a) community-driven response” to address sexual misconduct on campus, including the creation of “funding streams to energize grassroots solutions.” One of the funding streams detailed in the Chancellor’s message includes grants administered by our respective student government boards and earmarked for student groups focused on promoting a positive culture change and preventing sexual misconduct on campus.
The Sexual Misconduct Prevention Student Seed Grant funding cycle is an opportunity for Pitt undergraduate and graduate/professional students to make a meaningful contribution to the Pitt community around sexual and relationship violence prevention projects. Sexual Misconduct Prevention projects are well-defined initiatives that will play an instrumental role in transforming the University of Pittsburgh’s efforts to reduce and prevent sexual misconduct. Proposed projects can include a range of activities such as: projects focused on prevention education, integrating prevention education with academic programs, improvement to relevant processes and communications, community partnership development, and increasing awareness of sexual misconduct issues within the campus community.
The application portal is currently open, and submissions will be accepted until March 16, 2020.
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