Pitt Make A Difference Day

Pitt Make A Difference Day Brings Community Together

Every year thousands of students, faculty, and staff volunteer on Pitt Make a Difference Day (PMADD)- Pitt’s largest community service event all year- to help dozens of communities all over the Pittsburgh area. From painting murals to volunteering in nursing homes, there’s a project out there for every Pitt student to get involved in. Here’s a few reasons from the PittServes outreach coordinator, Shenay Jeffrey, and the PMADD chair, Chris Davis, explaining why PMADD is so important and why every Pitt student should get involved.
“Not only is PMADD a really good opportunity for students to bond with their organization or floor, but students are also able to make a huge impact on the Pittsburgh community,” said Davis. “It’s also a good opportunity to get out of the bubble we live in in Oakland and just see what’s around the Pittsburgh area.” This year there will be projects all the way from South Side to North Side that will give students the opportunity to connect what they are passionate about to volunteer projects that will impact the Pittsburgh community in a positive way. “All of the projects are impactful. There’s a project for everyone,” said Jeffrey.
For Jeffrey, seeing PMADD grow from just 100 students to over 4000 students in the last 11 years has really been a testament to Pitt’s commitment to community service. This year, both Davis and Jeffrey hope that all students have a great experience connecting and making a positive impact on the community around them. “Everyone I met along the process was really amazing and that’s what drove me into doing more for PMADD,” said Davis.
For students who are interested in getting more involved in community service beyond PMADD, the PittServes office also offers more volunteer opportunities through their PittServes portal and PittServes website“Students shouldn’t stop at just PMADD,” said Jeffrey. “PMADD can be your springboard, but there are lots of opportunities for students to continue to be involved and to spread the word of what service really means.”
This year’s PMADD falls on Saturday, October 20 from 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Remember to register, get your friends and roommates to register, and show up ready to make a difference in the Pittsburgh community for Pitt’s biggest community service day of the year. Sign up by October 6 to participate and impact your community.
By: Mehaa Shah