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Pitt Dance Marathon hits fundraising milestone

On April 8, the University of Pittsburgh hosted its annual Pitt Dance Marathon. Participating students have been working all year long to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation, which is affiliated with the Children’s Miracle Network. To celebrate these efforts, volunteers danced for sixteen hours accompanied by live music, DJs, games, contests, food, and more.

This year’s efforts led to a final fundraised amount of $250,187.73. Surprisingly, $48,000 of this was raised during the 16 hours of dance on April 8. Participants were able to see the impact that their fundraising efforts made on the children who have spent countless hours as patients inside of the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. These children and their families have been incredibly grateful for all that the Pitt Dance Marathon has done for them over the past twelve years since the event was founded in 2005.