Thanksgiving Dinner News Story

Global Ties Hosts Thanksgiving Dinner

On Wednesday, November 22, vice provost and dean of students, Kenyon Bonner, along with Pitt Global Ties hosted their annual Thanksgiving Dinner for more than 200 students who were in Oakland for the holiday.  

“I attended the Thanksgiving dinner my freshman year and the event really helped international students like me,” said Zack Shen, a Junior history and communications major from China. “I was able to make new friends, and have a memorable experience.”
Many students do not realize that there are peers who stay in Oakland for Thanksgiving Break. Events like this provide a great opportunity for domestic and international students to intermingle and get to know about each other’s cultures.
“In a way, attending an American Thanksgiving serves as a cultural immersion experience for international students who have never experienced anything like this before,” said Kyoungah Lee, International Programming Coordinator and Advisor for the Office of Cross Cultural and Leadership Development. “This allows for students to eat some great food and engage in social interaction during a time when campus is pretty empty.”
For many, this event served as a student’s first-ever Thanksgiving. and had the opportunity to try Thanksgiving classics such as roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Events like these serve as an opportunity for international students to engage in American culture alongside their peers and make some new friends. If you are interested in attending more events like these, make sure to check out Global Ties here!