International Cuisine

Explore the World with EAT@Pitt

Ethiopia. Peru. Turkey. Colombia. One of Pitt’s newest clubs, EAT@Pitt, explores these countries and other regions around the world while never leaving Pittsburgh. The club visits various immigrant-owned restaurants around the city, eats delicious food, and learns from owners about the cuisines, cultures, and histories of their native countries. Whether you’re a food connoisseur, a globetrotter, or just hungry EAT@Pitt is guaranteed to feed and teach you something new.
Upon her arrival to Pittsburgh, Linda Saikali, president of EAT@Pitt, was in awe of the variety of restaurants the Steel City has to offer. The overabundance of chain restaurants in her West Virginia hometown combined with her passion for trying new foods and interest in global affairs inspired her to start EAT@Pitt. “I thought the idea for this club would be a cool way to bring Pitt closer to Pittsburgh and ultimately closer to the world,” said Linda. The club meets twice a month – once for a general meeting and once at a restaurant. During the general meetings, Anisha Reddy, the education chair for the club, presents members with information about the upcoming restaurant and that restaurant’s country. Then, with that information, each member interested in going to the restaurant thinks of a few questions to ask the owners. While at the restaurants, the club members eat and have a discussion with the owners. “Members get the chance to learn about a country or culture they might have not known anything about while connecting with people living in the same city,” continued Linda.
Not only does EAT@Pitt benefit members, but the club also benefits restaurant owners. “Owners get to share their experiences with our club members. We then promote these restaurants on our website, Instagram, and Facebook to help spread the word,” said Anisha. After eating at a restaurant, members collaborate on an article featured on the club’s website to showcase the restaurant, owner, food, and culture. Additionally, photos are added to EAT@Pitt’s social media. Linda and Anisha are both excited to expand the club, visit more restaurants, and possibly add more activities such as cooking classes with restaurant owners. “We’re always welcoming members. It’s not a problem if someone wants to join the club in the middle of the semester,” said Linda.
Explore the world, gain appreciation for Pittsburgh’s diversity, meet new people, and eat delicious food all with EAT@Pitt. Check out the club’s next meeting on February 11 at 9 p.m. in 216 of the Cathedral of Learning! Learn more about the club here.
By: Jennifer Wallace