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The First Year Mentors (FYMs) are upper-class student leaders who are here to support new students and their transition to Pitt. We have 24 FYMs working  throughout the summer to plan fun and exciting activities to help you get connected during PittStart and Orientation. During Fall and Spring semesters, the FYMs will be planning and promoting campus events to make sure your first year at Pitt is outstanding!

Dakota Dakota Kolbe, Head First Year Mentor

Hometown: Shoemakersville, PA

Major: Biological Sciences

Minors/Certificates: Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies, Chemistry

Favorite thing about Pitt: The opportunities. As a Sophomore I was able to do so much and get involved with organizations in so many capacities; from chairing committees on sexual assault prevention to being Head FYM. There is no shortage of amazing opportunities at Pitt.

Shay Booker Shay Booker

Hometown: New Castle, PA

Major: Psychology

Minors/Certificates: None

Favorite thing about Pitt: The location. Campus is located near Downtown, CMU, and Shadyside. Oakland has such an at home feel, however there is a lot to do. Pitt gives me the opportunity to feel at home in the city.

Caitlin Budd Caitlin Budd

Hometown: Belle Mead, NJ

Major: Undecided

Minors/Certificates: Undecided

Favorite thing about Pitt: That there are so many people – advisors, professors, RA’s – who are willing to help you accomplish your goals. There are so many people who want to see you excel and do what your passionate about at Pitt.

Bella Esposito Bella Esposito

Hometown: Lake Ariel, PA

Major: Philosophy

Minors/Certificates: Classic Civilizations

Favorite thing about Pitt: Spending my days in the Cathedral. I could be there for hours, but it feels like my home. It also makes me feel a lot like Hermione Granger.

Laura Gooding Laura Gooding

Hometown: Monaca, PA

Major: Anthropology

Minors/Certificates: French

Favorite thing about Pitt: The diversity. Coming from a relatively small town with a very specific demographic, Pitt was an amazing change for me. There are so many different student organizations and programs dedicated for students from all walks of life.

Cailyn Hall Cailyn Hall

Hometown: Churchville, PA

Major: Mathematical Biology

Minors/Certificates:  Spanish, Economics

Favorite thing about Pitt: Pitt is that it has opened my eyes and allowed me to appreciate the incredible amount of diversity that exists.

A'Yanna Hatton A'Yanna Hatton

Hometown: Warren, OH

Major: Molecular Biology

Minors/Certificates: Political Science & Africana Studies

Favorite thing about Pitt: All of the opportunities available here! From research to such diverse events, it is so easy to submerge into the Pitt community and find multiple things to be a part of. All this makes it easy to call Pitt home.

A'Yanna Hatton

Sloane Kozyak Sloane Kozyak

Hometown: Imperial, PA

Major: German, Political Science

Minors/Certificates: Global Studies

Favorite thing about Pitt: All of the connections that I have made. I am friends with people I never would have imagined and that has been the best aspect of Pitt thus far!

Claire Le Gall Claire Le Gall

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Psychology

Minors/Certificates: Spanish, Latin American Studies

Favorite thing about Pitt: As a transfer student this school made it easy for me to acclimate and help me reach my full potential as a student and as a leader.

Arianna Palmer Arianna Palmer

Hometown: Ligonier, PA

Major: Public Service & Media and Professional Communications

Minors/Certificates: English Literature & Corporate and Community Relations

Favorite thing about Pitt: I love how busy Pitt’s campus is. There are always so many activities going on, making it impossible to get bored.

Deanna Moore Deanna Moore

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Major: Biological Sciences

Minors/Certificates: Chemistry

Favorite thing about Pitt: The amount of programs going on all the time. One of the most memorable was when Rae Sremmurd came for Bigelow Bash. I was in the front row. Pitt is amazing!

7M9A2195 Maharsi Naidu

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Health Services, Economics

Minors/Certificates: Conceptual Foundations of Medicine, Community Health Assessment, Managing Health Services Programs & Projects

Favorite thing about Pitt: The memories I will never forget and friends I will have for a lifetime.

Ngozi Obidike Ngozi Obidike

Hometown: Hopewell, NJ

Major: Psychology & Africana Studies

Minors/Certificates: Chemistry

Favorite thing about Pitt: The variety and opportunities that are available due to our campus connection and integration with the city.

Erin O'connor Erin O'connor

Hometown: Frederick, MD

Major: Rehabilitation Sciences

Minors/Certificates: Chemistry, French

Favorite thing about Pitt: All the great opportunities and experiences in the city. There are so many museums, restaurants, and shops close to Pitt.

Noah Rubin Noah Rubin

Hometown: Bala Cynwyd, PA

Major: Political Science

Minors/Certificates: None

Favorite thing about Pitt: The sheer amount of opportunities being on this campus and in this city provides; whichever avenue you wish to pursue, you can find the road to success at Pitt!

First Year Mentor Salonee Saraiya

Hometown: Roselle Park, NJ

Major: Chemical Engineering

Minors/Certificates: None

Favorite thing about Pitt: The people, I have made so many wonderful friends and met some great people. Pitt has such a diverse mix of students with each person so unique, you never know who you will meet!

Rishab Shetty Rishab Shetty

Hometown: Abhiman Hills, India

Major: Microbiology

Minors/Certificates: Chemistry

Favorite thing about Pitt: How accepting the community is. You can be whoever you want to be and the people here will always support you. It’s been like that for me and hopefully it will be like that for you too!

Katelyn Smiles Katelyn Smiles

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Undeclared

Minors/Certificates: None

Favorite thing about Pitt:  The fact that there is always something happening on campus. We can get into the museums for free with our Pitt ID, there are organizations that set up free movie nights at the WPU. My favorite activity is therapy dog Tuesday, every Tuesday.

Megan Smith Megan Smith

Hometown: Birdsboro, PA

Major: Statistics

Minors/Certificates: Economics

Favorite thing about Pitt: The location. I absolutely love living in the city! Oakland is an incredible and fun neighborhood. Also, since we get free city transportation, it’s so easy to travel to different areas of the city, explore, and try new things!

Caitlin Steve Caitlin Steve

Hometown: Jefferson Hills

Major: Environmental Science, Business

Minors/Certificates: Spanish

Favorite thing about Pitt: The location. Oakland is such a fun neighborhood and it is very central – only 10 minutes from Downtown!