Off and on Campus Safety Tips

Off Campus Tips

  • Keep your outside doors locked, even when you are home.
  • Lock your windows.
  • Look outside before opening the door. If you can’t see the area in front of the door, install a magnifying peephole (all you need is a drill and a screwdriver).
  • Consider renter’s insurance.
  • Never let strangers in the door. If it is a repair or service representative, call the property owner or company to ensure they are supposed to be there. Always insist on identification (a PA driver’s license is the best I.D.).
  • Do not trust chain locks alone – they are not strong enough to keep out a determined intruder.

On Campus Tips

  • Leave some lights on when you’re gone.
  • Sign up to receive texted crime alerts here.
  • Don’t advertise your class or work schedule.
  • Don’t let strangers or non-residents (unless they’re your personal guest) into residence halls.