Commuter Mentorship Program

Commuter Mentorship Program

The Commuter Mentoring Program is for first-year commuter students at University of Pittsburgh. First-time commuters are paired with a First Year Mentor (FYM) who are dedicated to enhancing the transition of first-year commuter students to Pitt. The FYMs provide support to first time commuters through mentorship, advocacy, outreach, resources, as well as planning social, academic, and community-service based programs.


The Commuter Mentoring program’s goal is to increase the commuter student retention rate, provide personalized support to first-time commuters, and to ensure first-time commuters are aware of on-campus events and resources. The FYMs serve as a resource for mentees to go to with all questions and concerns, as well as, connecting mentees with campus resources and events while providing regular check-ins and reflections with mentees.


First Year Mentors will contact first-time commuters in July. If you have questions about the commuter mentorship program, please email or call 412-624-2316. You can find First Year Mentors profiles here.


Bella HS Bella Esposito, Head First Year Mentor


Hometown: Scranton, PA

Major: Philosophy

Minors/Certificates: Classic, Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Favorite thing about Pitt... is the community. I feel like I've been able to meet a ton of people each with different perspectives and ideas.

Megan HS Megan Benish

Hometown: Lower Burrell, PA

Major: Pre-Communication Science

Minors/Certificates: American Sign Language

Favorite thing about Pitt... are the amazing people and opportunities available at the University.  Pitt is a unique place with many different people and allows you to improve yourself as a student, friend, and all around person.

Molly HS Molly Brandenburg

Hometown: Hershey, PA

Major: Chemistry and Anthropology

Favorite thing about Pitt: The amount of opportunities that are available to students! 

Lauren HS Lauren Greenwald

Hometown: Kingston, PA

Major: Communication and Political Science

Minors/Certificates: Sociology

Favorite thing about Pitt: The sense of community is the most incredible thing about Pitt. Being on campus feels like being home.


Donna HS Donna Gupta

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Psychology

Favorite thing about Pitt... the opportunities! Internships, research, clubs and activities are just a few of the wonderful opportunities I've been able to embark on here at Pitt.  I feel as though I am constantly engaged within the Pitt community and truly able to leave my mark here at the University.

Saman HS Saman Hasan

Hometown: Williamsville, NY

Major: History

Minors/Certificates: Neuroscience and Chemistry/Conceptual Foundations of Medicine

Favorite thing about Pitt: is that there's always something to do. Pitt offers so many resources and opportunities to engage with the community both on campus and off---you can never be bored!

Lexi HS Lexi Kuzemchak

Hometown: Allison Park, PA

Major: Biological Sciences & Anthropology

Minors/Certificates: Chemistry

Favorite thing about Pitt: The location of Pitt is the absolute best. There's always so much to do and so many opportunities to take advantage of! You can never be bored here, that's for sure.

Katie HS Katie McLaughlin

Hometown: Erie, PA

Major: Political Science and Urban Studies

Minors/Certificates: Legal Studies

Favorite thing about Pitt: the free New York Times subscription!

Deanna HS Deanna Moore

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Major: Undeclared

Favorite thing about Pitt... all the opportunities we have because we are in a city. Many famous and prestigious people come to speak or perform here and they have been some of the most memorable moments of my life.

George HS George Muirhead

Hometown: Madison, Alabama

Major: Political Science

Minors/Certificates: Legal Studies, Economics. Certificate in Communication.

Favorite thing about Pitt: My favorite thing about Pitt is definitely the accessible distance. Everything on campus is a stone throw away.

Emmy HS Emmy Penisson

Hometown: Media, PA

Major: Psychology & English Literature

Minors/Certificates: English Writing - Poetry track

Favorite thing about Pitt... is how there is always something to do for fun, it's really hard to be bored because there are so many places to go, places to eat, and events that are held!



Jess HS Jess Scott

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Computer Science & Political Science

Favorite thing about Pitt: I love the opportunities I have experienced so far in my time at Pitt as well as the ones I have yet to experience. Everything from research, internships, and volunteer work are available for me to immerse myself in while I am an undergraduate student at Pitt.


Dylan HS Dylan Sloat

Hometown: Cranberry Twp., PA

Major: Political Science, Economics

Minors/Certificates: American History

Favorite thing about Pitt...The amazing, diverse Oakland community!

Robin HS Robin Stoner

Hometown: Canonsburg, PA

Major: Statistics and Psychology

Favorite thing about Pitt: The accepting atmosphere on campus!

Veronica HS Veronica Tatone

Hometown: Derry PA

Major: Psychology

Favorite thing about Pitt: My favorite thing about Pitt is the location. Pittsburgh is a great city with lots of fun things to do and lots of educational opportunities.



Kayla HS Kayla Valentine

Hometown: Brentwood

Major: Public and Professional Writing & English Literature

Minors/Certificates: CPR and ASL

Favorite thing about Pitt:The Cathedral of Learning

Luna HS Yuxuan Yang

Hometown: Guangzhou, China

Major: Undecided

Minors/Certificates: Asian Studies

Favorite thing about Pitt... the openness of the campus and the welcoming atmosphere that students and staff express. I feel secure and relaxed here.