Internship Prep Program

University of Pittsburgh Internship Prep Program


The Internship Prep Program (IPP) is a combination of workshops and individual appointments designed to offer individualized support of each student’s internship or experiential learning search. Students who complete the Internship Prep Program and related requirements are guaranteed resources and personalized support while pursing internships or other experiential learning opportunities during their undergraduate career.

Workshops include:

Searching & Applying

Advance registration is not required and workshops generally last 45-50 minutes.


Individual Appointments can include:

Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile Reviews
Search Support (for any location)
Application Review
Mock Interviews
Follow-up Etiquette and more


Track your Internship Prep Program via Handshake!

You must track your progress in the Internship Prep Program checklist in Handshake. All appointments, workshops, networking and applications can be tracked in one place so that you can mark your progress. This is also a place where you have 24-hour access to resources and ideas for ways to enhance your search.

Who is eligible to participate in the Internship Prep Program?

All undergraduate students who are enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Campus may participate in the Internship Prep Program.

Undergraduate international students are encouraged to participate but must verify their work eligibility status with OIS prior to participating in the program.


When should I start the Internship Prep Program?

Now.  It is never too early for a student to begin the program, but it could be too late.  First year students can benefit greatly by getting started early, giving them more time to take advantage of the services offered through the Career Center. 

How long does it take to complete the Internship Prep Program?

The time frame varies greatly from student to student and is dependent on their schedules and availability for appointments and workshops.  On average, a student takes at least a full semester to complete all of the the program requirements.  The more time you give yourself to apply and plan, the more opportunities will be available to you.


What are the “related requirements” of the Internship Prep Program?

The complete list of requirements can be found and tracked within the IPP checklist in Handshake.  The requirements are helpful reminders to follow through in areas where many internship seekers fall short. Students are required to apply to and interview for internships for as long as they are seeking.  The Internship Team is available to assist with all aspects of this process.


Is it ever too late to start the Internship Prep Program?

Getting to understand the duration of the recruitment process is a benefit to the IPP which is designed to help give you an edge. We recommend completing the IPP at least 2 to 3 semesters ahead of the term in which you want to intern to allow for plenty of time for the application and interview process.

For example, a junior who wants to intern the summer after their junior year should complete the program during spring of their sophomore year so they can apply in the fall of their junior year.


Can I meet with the Internship Team without participating in the Internship Prep Program?

Yes.  All undergraduate students from the Pittsburgh campus are able to meet with the Internship Team.  Appointments with the Internship Team can be scheduled on Handshake and are available throughout the summer and between terms.