What is an Internship Plan?

An Internship Plan is a written agreement between the student and the internship supervisor to define expectations for the experience. The agreement should include the following:

1. Defined knowledge and/or skills to be developed by the student during the internship.
2. Defined educational goals and deliverables to be achieved by the student during the internship.
3. Supervisory structure for student (e.g. supervised by a graduate student or staff member).
4. Progress monitoring and feedback process to ensure the internship is proceeding as planned.
5. Defined time frame for the experience.
6. Expected hours/week the internship will accommodate the academic commitments and schedule of the student.

By no later than the first day of the internship, the Internship Plan should be signed and dated by both the intern and the supervisor.

***A copy of the Internship Plan should then be sent to intern@pitt.edu or the CDPA Internship Team, at 200 William Pitt Union within two weeks of the start of the internship.

Note: No formal format of the Internship Plan exists so that it can be adapted to the wide variety of internship experiences that occur at the University.