IOC PROFILES 2017-2018

The International Outreach Committee members for 2017-2018. To learn more about the IOCs and other leadership opportunities. Visit the Global Ties’ “Leadership Opportunities” page.


Aala Zakir, Lead IOC
Citizenship: Pakistan |Gender Id: Female | Yr: Junior |Language: English, Urdu, Punjabi | Major: Biochemistry and History | Minor: Chemistry |Clubs: Habitat for Humanity, Student Emergency Medical Services, Dhirana dance competition, Pitt Pulse magazine | Described as: Outgoing, confident and friendly
Hi I’m Aala and I am a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh. I can’t wait to meet you and I hope you are as excited as me. I am majoring in Biochemistry and History and minoring in Chemistry. My favorite thing to do is talking to people, not just my friends but anyone willing to talk to me. People no longer study with me as I am very distracting. Besides talking I like biking outdoors and going on outdoor adventures. My favorite shows to binge watch on Netflix are Grey’s Anatomy and Friends. My favorite thing in Pittsburgh is the bus system, “there’s the church, there’s the steeple, and here is the bus with all the people.” I can’t wait for you to start school at Pitt and explore the city by navigating the complex but awesome bus system
Jiaming Wang, Lead IOC
Citizenship: China| Gender Id: Male| Yr: Senior| Language: English and Mandarin Chinese | Major: Actuarial Science, Economics | Minor: Statistics| Clubs: Global Ties | Described as: In-between Shy & Outgoing
Hi, welcome to the University of Pittsburgh. My name is Jiaming and I'm a senior Actuarial Mathematics & Economics double major. Beside studying I spend my time playing soccer, trying out new restaurants and exploring the city. I love reaching out to new people, so feel free to talk to me if you have any questions. H2P!
Madhumita (Madhu) Mahese, IOC
Citizenship: United States| Gender Id: Female | Yr: Junior | Language: English, Tamil, Hindi| Major: Psychology and Gender, Sexuality, Womens Studies | Minor: American Sign Language and Teacher Education | Clubs: Pitt ARTificial, Transfer Student Association, Pitt Strong Women Strong Girls, Epsilon Sigma Alpha Service Fraternity | Described as:  Outgoing
Hello everyone! I am so excited to welcome you to Pitt! I'm a junior and I love being a student here. I cannot wait to help you fall in love with Pitt too! Some of my favorite things to do are make new friends, pet all the dogs I see on campus, and drink as much chai as I possibly can. One of the great things about Pitt is the urban location, there is never a dull moment in the city! I especially love exploring the city's growing art and music scene. I am psyched to meet and connect with you all, and be a friend, resource, or just someone to talk to! Hail to Pitt!
George Anthony Villacres Botta (Anthony), IOC
Citizenship: Ecuador| Gender Id: Male| Yr: Junior| Language: English and Spanish | Major: Computer Science| Organizations/Clubs: Global Ties | Described as: In-between Shy & Outgoing
Hi! My name is Anthony, I am from Ecuador, and now I’m here in Pittsburgh excited about welcoming you to Pitt! I am a Junior currently studying Computer Science and Economics. I love to travel, play soccer, play the guitar and the bass, and despite not having done it for a while, I also love to perform in plays. Pitt is a great place to be for doing your favorites things, so I encourage you to enjoy every moment on campus. H2P!
Abigail Ernharth (Abi), IOC
Citizenship: USA | Gender Id: Female | Yr: Senior Language: English | Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders| Minor: Political Science| Clubs: Pitt Ballet Club, Phi Alpha Delta (Pre-Law), Pitt Democrats club, Global Ties | Described as: Outgoing 
Hey everyone!! I am so excited to get to know all of you this upcoming year, and help you transition into life at Pitt. I am entering my senior year of college, and I am studying Political Science. When I’m not in class, I can almost always be found holding a coffee while in the midst of a political debate, binge-watching The Office on Netflix, or petting all the dogs in Schenley park. Although I love living in the city, I sneak out every so often to get a quick hike or camping trip in because I love being outdoors. Transferring to Pitt was the best decision I ever made, and I am so beyond excited for you all to start studying here. Please reach out if you need anything. Hail 2 Pitt!!
Corinne Dodel
Citizenship: United States| Gender Id: Female | Yr: Senior| Language: English| Major: Psychology | Minor: Religious Studies | Clubs: Transfer Student Association, Panther Psychology Club | Described as: In-between shy & outgoing 
Hi everyone! My name is Corinne and I am a senior studying Psychology and minoring in Religious Studies. I transferred to Pitt from Bucks County Community College three years ago and I have been in love with Pitt ever since! I cannot wait to welcome you all to Pitt and show you everything that our school and city have to offer. I love food and coffee so you will likely spot me at one of the local restaurants or coffee shops when I am not in class or working in the Union. I also love animals so I am an avid attendee of Therapy Dog Tuesdays. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, whether it is through email, WeChat, Facebook, etc. – I am happy to chat and answer any questions you might have! Hail to Pitt!
Clare Miller, IOC
Citizenship: USA| Gender Id: Female| Yr: Sophomore| Language: English, Spanish (little), Swahili (little) | Major: Linguistics, Spanish | Minor: African Studies Certificate| Clubs: Choose Life @ Pitt, Catholic Newman Club, FORGE Global Ties | Described as: Outgoing
Welcome to Pitt! My name is Clare, and I am a sophomore studying Linguistics and Spanish with a Certificate in African studies. Pittsburgh has been the most exciting place I have lived in! I have been able to get involved on campus, play recreational volleyball, volunteer with refugee families and students learning English, and meet a ton of new friends. I enjoy reading, drawing, learning guitar, and going out to explore the city. Meeting new people and learning their stories is my favorite thing in the world, so I am truly looking forward to meeting all of you and introducing you to our Pitt community!
Lucy Lee Chiem, IOC
Citizenship: USA| Gender Id: Female| Yr: Senior| Language: English, Mandarin Chinese | Major: Psychology| Minor: Chinese | Clubs: Chinese American Students Association, Asian Students Alliance, Global Ties | Described as: Outgoing
Hey incoming Pitt students! Welcome to a campus that has brought me many experiences.The things I like to do in my spare time vary here and there. I study a lot just like any other college student but I always make time to meet up with people. I love having board game nights, doing something sporty, and talking with individual people. I stayed in Pitt this summer and I have tried a lot of new restaurants. The things I like to do are very diverse so if you want to do something else, I’ll probably be up for it! I have come to love Pittsburgh a lot and I want to be able to share that with other people. Not only that, I'm a very open person so it won't be hard to have just a small conversation with me.
Yumeng (Ruby) Dai, IOC
Citizenship: China| Gender Id: Female|Yr: Sophomore| Language: Chinese, English, German | Major: Rehab Sciences | Minor: German | Clubs: Pitt Program Council, Global Ties | Described as: Outgoing
Hi! My name is Ruby and I'm so excited to welcome you all to Pitt! As someone who just had an amazing first year, I know you've made the right decision to come here. The thing I love about this city is that it's filled with great people and great food! In my spare time I like to try out cool restaurants around the area. There's also many fun things going on every week not only on campus but also in the city, so feel free to join me on more spontaneous adventures in Pittsburgh:)
Ziqi (Zack) Shen, IOC
Citizenship: China| Gender Id: Male| Yr: Junior| Language: English, Mandarin| Major: History and Communication | Clubs: Pitt Calligraphy Club, Global Ties | Described as: Outgoing
Hello there! My name is Zack Shen and I am currently a junior at Pitt, pursuing history and communication for my future career. Schoolwork might be tiring, but it cannot stop us from having fun as a normal college kid. During my spare hours when I am alone, I read books that are not assigned by my profs and watch Netflix. When I am with my friends, things can be a little more spiced up. We enjoy playing board games of all kinds with punishment for losers. Welcome to Pitt! I am looking forward to meeting you all in the upcoming semester. There is a brave new world that is about to be unfolded right in front of you. Feel free to embrace it and take the most advantage out of it. While you might be proud of being a fellow panther, Pitt can’t be prouder for including you all in its spectacular community, since it is the involvement of you upcoming new blood that leads Pitt to a better future. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I am more than happy to help! And if you want to join us playing games, you are more than welcomed!
Angie Natalia Sandoval Casas, IOC
Citizenship: Colombia| Gender Id: Female| Yr: Junior| Language: Spanish, English, Korean| Major: Accounting| Minor: Economics, Korean, Certificate in International Business | Clubs: Phi Eta SIgma National Honor Society, Pitt Spanish Club, Society for International Business, NSCS, OCC Honoary Society,Global Ties | Described as: In-Between Shy & Outgoing
Hi everyone and welcome to Pitt! My name is Angie and I can’t wait to be your mentor this academic year. I am a junior at CBA, majoring in Accounting with a double minor in Korean and Economics. I am an adventurous traveler, language fanatic, proud Latina and passionate about cultural diversity. Before moving to Pittsburgh, I lived 5 years in Puerto Rico and I am originally from Colombia. Learning new languages allows me to explore and interact with so many cultures and prepares me for future travels in my career. My goal during college, besides completing my degree with honors, is to travel abroad to places that I have never been to before as much as possible. So far, I have been to Ecuador, Spain and Germany, and I am ready for my next adventure! Fun fact: I commute from home every day which means that I am an expert with Pittsburgh’s public transportation system, feel free to ask me for directions or about interesting places to visit outside of campus. Lastly, I enjoy meeting students from all over the world and learning about their different cultures, traditions and delicious typical cuisine. Hail to Pitt! See you very soon!
Yu Lin (Sally), IOC
Citizenship: USA| Gender Id: Female| Yr: Junior| Language: English and Chinese| Major: Biology| Minor: Chemistry | Clubs: PPAA, ASA, SASE, Global Ties | Described as: In-Between Shy & Outgoing
Hello everyone and welcome to PITT! My name is Sally and I'm a junior majoring in Biology on the Pre-PA tract. As a third year, I made many wonderful memories and I'm sure you will too. At Pitt you will meet some amazing people, make life-long friends and learn to love the Cathedral of Learning aka Cathy. I, personally, love to try new things and taste different foods so the Pittsburgh City is perfect for that. There's lots to explore and don't hesitate to invite me on a little adventure around the city! I’m very excited to meet you all and help you along the way of your transition to campus. Hail to Pitt!
Andrew Leung, IOC
Citizenship: Taiwan| Gender Id: Male| Yr: Sophomore| Language: English, Mandarin Chinese| Major: Statistics and Economics| Minor: Computer Science | Clubs: Asian Student Alliance, Global Ties | Described as: In-Between Shy & Outgoing
Hello everyone and welcome to Pitt. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and making your transition here as smooth as possible. Hopefully you’re excited to take on this upcoming school year! A bit about myself: I consider myself to be more of an introvert, but I’m always down to spend time with friends wherever and whenever. Otherwise, you’ll probably find me studying, playing video games, watching TV shows/Anime, binge eating any type of food, or spending a ridiculous amount of time looking at memes on Reddit. I hope to share many of my experiences that I’ve had so far in college with you, so feel free to contact me if you’re unsure/concerned about anything. Last but certainly not least, make sure that you make the most out of your time here at Pitt!