Definition of Status

Definition of Status

The following designations are used above to describe the organization’s status within the University community. For complete information on proceedings adjudicated through the Student Code of Conduct, please click here.


Good Standing- The fraternity or sorority is not currently in financial, academic, or judicial arrears to the University or their national organization.


Chapter Reorganization- Limited operation as defined in the sanction letter. The members shall be reviewed by the National Organization and alumni to determine which members may continue participating in the chapter. Specific conditions shall be established for full reinstatement.


Interim Suspension of Recognition- Pending adjudication of charges filed against a fraternity or sorority, a cessation of operations of the chapter.


Social Probation- The loss of chapter privileges to host, sponsor, co-sponsor, or participate in any social activities, where alcohol is present, with non-members ANYWHERE. These restrictions do not apply to member-only events, at which no non-members are present.


Suspension of Recognition- For a specified minimum period of time, pending fulfillment of specific conditions for reinstatement, a cessation of operations of the chapter.


Termination of Recognition- Revocation of recognition of the chapter’s charter as a recognized University fraternity or sorority with no established date or conditions for reinstatement. The chapter shall cease its operation at the University.