Virtual Workshops


Given the local, state, and federal guidelines regarding community response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University Counseling Center will be closed at its physical location in Nordenberg Hall.
While all scheduled in-person Wellness Workshops have been cancelled until further notice, the UCC is happy to offer a number of virtual workshops to support our students.
Please see below to learn more about workshops being offered and how to join. You are welcome to join as many workshops as you’d like. (Please note, UCC Virtual Workshops utilize Zoom Video Conferencing. Please download Zoom prior to joining a workshop.)
Additionally, Therapy Assistance Online resources continue to be available.
Please note: Virtual Wellness Workshops offered by the UCC are for students only.

Virtual Workshops: Summer 2020

Calming Your Thoughts

This workshop will examine unhealthy thought patterns and their impact on emotions and behaviors. Additionally, students will learn how to engage in cognitive restructuring to cope with their negative thoughts. Lastly, the impact of core beliefs will be explored.

Coping with Anxiety

This workshop is designed to teach students how to manage their anxiety. You will learn about the symptoms of anxiety and panic. Additionally, students will learn strategies on how to manage their anxiety including cognitive strategies, self-care and dealing with procrastination.

Finding Hope & Meaning

This workshop will help students cultivate meaning and purpose. Students will examine their strengths and values to see how it influences their sense of hope. Additionally, students will explore ways to establish purpose with self, others and the world.

Healthy Coping Skills

This workshop aims to help students cope with the demands of college. You will learn how you cope when faced with stress. Additionally, this workshop will teach healthy coping skills including coping while social distancing.

International Tea Time

Come join us via Zoom for this virtual tea time hangout! UCC staff will lead a discussion on some of the challenges facing our international students during this difficult time. Students will have an opportunity to share their experiences and support each other.

Maintaining Emotional Balance

The purpose of this workshop is to learn simple and effective skills to help you regulate your body’s response to stress. By the end of the workshop, students should be able to have a basic understanding of how the body responds to stress and begin developing a coping toolbox.

Managing Financial Stress

This workshop aims to help students navigate their finances in a way that supports their overall well-being. Students will be provided with the strategies to cope with economic stressors and to make informed decisions surrounding their finances.

Mental Energy & Stress Management

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the concept of “Mental Energy” and its relationship to psychological wellbeing. Participants will also explore a variety of ways to improve self-care to manage stress more effectively.

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

This workshop is designed to help students learn mindfulness skills that can improve wellbeing and self-compassion. Additionally, students will explore negative thoughts that can impede their overall sense of self and learn ways to incorporate self-compassion into their lives.

Staying Well While Staying In: A Collective Guide to Wellness

This wellness workshop is designed to help students continue to maintain holistic wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic. This workshop focuses on the 8 dimensions of wellness including: emotional, social, spiritual, physical, intellectual, occupational, financial, and environmental. Additionally, this workshop includes information and resources from our Student Affairs partners that are dedicated to your success and well-being.

Stress Management 101

This workshop will help students learn the difference between chronic stress and healthy stress. Additionally, students will learn about the various indicators of stress including behavioral, cognitive, physical and emotional. Lastly, students will explore stress management techniques.

Stumbling on Happiness

In this workshop, members will learn skills designed to help them embrace their lives more fully and experience the happiness they’re seeking. Happiness is all around us, sometimes we just have to look for it! So, let us help you find it!

When Bad Things Happen

In this one-hour educational workshop, students will learn the definition of trauma and the impact it has on the mind and body. Students will also learn strategies and techniques for coping in a healthy manner towards a place of healing.

All identities are welcome. Please have a few blank sheets of paper and writing/drawing implements of your choice on hand.