Pressures.   Transitions.   Personal challenges.   Self-discovery.   Any one of these could feel overwhelming, but for college students, they can hit all at once – a perfect storm resulting in feeling “off.”   Looking for support and/or relief, we might turn to drugs, alcohol or food.   Inevitably, these substances cause all kinds of problems and we are right back (or even further behind) where we started.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a safe, confidential place to share and explore questions, struggles and concerns about our relationship with chemicals, food or any habitual practice that consumes your time and risks your goals and well-being?

Well guess what?   There is one – the University Counseling Center (UCC)!!

Take advantage of confidential, non-judgmental support, information and resources.   We are not here to condemn, patronize or tell you how to live your life.   Our goal is to be a welcoming, informative place to come talk about any concerns, interests, and uncertainties regarding these perceived “taboo” subjects.   Whether you are seeking harm reduction, abstinence, fellowship or information, we will help you to identify your needs and support system.

We offer:

*****  We do not share this information with ANYONE!!!!   – not within the university, your family, social network or employer.  *****
(unless you direct us to do so with your written, signed consent)