If you need immediate help in a substance use emergency, please call 911 or the re:solve crisis network at 1-888-796-8226.
College brings a number of unique challenges that can becoming overwhelming. Some students turn to alcohol, drugs or food as a way to cope with a variety of issues. Unfortunately, regular use of substances can create more problems. The UCC offers a safe, non-judgmental and confidential place to share and explore questions, struggles and concerns about our relationship with chemicals, food or any habitual practice that consumes your time and risks your goals and well-being.
While the UCC cannot provide full service rehab, we can support you in better understanding the causes of your use; healthy, alternative, effective ways to cope; and if desired, connect you with recovery sources and programs.
Virtual Substance Use Services at the Wellness Center 

Virtual Individual Counseling

If you are concerned about some of the negative impacts of your substance use and want to explore your relationship with drugs and/or alcohol, you can meet individually with an experienced, nonjudgmental therapist. Our staff can also help you connect with a community provider if desired.
Any student interested in individual substance use services at UCC may call the UCC at any time during Virtual Drop-In Hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm) to speak with a clinician.

Collegiate Recovery Program

The University of Pittsburgh’s Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) provides a safe, nurturing, and affirming environment where students in recovery from substance use can receive the assistance and support they need to achieve academic success and personal goals while in college. Click here to learn more about CRP.