Workshops are offered at the Wellness Center and Student Groups/ Departments of the University can request workshops to take place around the campus.   Workshops are interactive presentations focused on building specific skills for a wide variety of topics.   Workshops are offered at various points in the semester and can be requested one month in advance for student groups/ departments.

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Anxiety Management 101 Workshop:   The Anxiety Management 101 Workshop is a series of 4 classes.   The purpose is to teach skills for managing the physiological symptoms of anxiety, challenging anxious thoughts, and coping with test anxiety.   Students are not expected to share personal information, talk about their experiences of anxiety, or even share their name with other students in the room.   If what you’ve tried thus far hasn’t worked or you would like to learn new skills, it might be beneficial to give this workshop a try.

Healthy Relationship Skills:   Come learn about qualities of healthy relationships and strategies for building them with friends, family members, classmates, and partners.

Navigating Next Steps:                *** Beginning 3/13/2018
(Tuesdays 4-5pm)

This drop-in group will assist in development of skills and offer support in preparation for upcoming transitions, including, but not limited to, graduation, initiation of an internship or study abroad program, and/or completing graduate program milestones or change in academic status/degree.

Areas of skill development will include:

  • Development of values to guide planning
  • Learning how to access resources and advocate for your needs
  • Maintaining self-care while navigating change
  • Tolerating the stress that accompanies ambiguity
  • Assertive communication to facilitate development of professional/social connections
  • Preparing for shifts in your identity

Panthers of Color Drop-in Workshop:
This drop-in time intends to provide Pitt students with a safe space to:

  • Feel a part of a community of People of Color
  • Experience the affirmation of identities
  • Feel a sense of empowerment
  • Discuss shared experiences

Self-care Workshop:   A drop in friendly workshop for students to explore different aspects of their college life.   New topic each week involving ways to take care of yourself while away at college.

Test Anxiety:   Offered around finals time understanding the effects of stress around exams and learning effective coping strategies to manage it better.

(Tuesdays 4-5pm)

This is a drop-in (i.e., can attend one or all sessions) group that is part support, part skills development.   No intakes or group screens are needed, and students can participate concurrent with other UCC services.   We will meet in one of the conference rooms at the front of Nordenberg.   The group is co-ed and open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Transitions is intended for:

  • Graduating seniors, transitioning to employment or graduate school
  • Students concerned about transitioning to summer break
  • Students beginning a first internship this summer
  • Graduate students facing important shifts/milestones in their program (e.g., transition from masters to doctorate).