Wellness & Recreation Center

A new Wellness and Recreation Center will be centrally located on campus, proposed to replace the O’Hara Garage and LRDC building.

Benefits of the new state-of-the-art facility are extensive, including:

  • Total Health and Wellness Destination – From recreation and fitness areas to yoga and meditation spaces, this innovative multi-story facility will encompass all aspects of health and wellness, taking a holistic approach to support and enrich the student experience. The Center, estimated at 270,000 sq. feet, will include additional amenities under consideration, such as a test kitchen to support healthy nutrition, recreation pool, jogging track, weight-lifting equipment, basketball and volleyball courts, and more.
  • Sustainability – In addition to physical and mental health benefits, the new facility will target LEED certification and is expected to include ample natural light and energy efficiencies, sustainable stormwater management and biophilic design elements, a showcase for sustainable design that will support Pitt’s leadership and commitment to sustainability.
  • Connectivity – The welcoming facility will provide an inspiring connection point in the heart of campus, centered on bringing people together around better, healthier lifestyles.
  • Utilities Infrastructure Improvements – Utility infrastructure upgrades to power, chilled water and sewer lines will support and enable the campus master plan and future Wellness and Recreation Center, creating the resiliency and redundancy needed to support a preeminent research University.
  • Road and Pathway Improvements – University Drive is planned for reconfiguration to create a more pedestrian-friendly and sustainable hillside while providing more convenient access to upper campus and the new Wellness and Recreation Center.

The Wellness and Recreation Center and enabling infrastructure improvements were part of the Pittsburgh Campus Master Plan process, developed in collaboration with the City of Pittsburgh, Oakland community members, students, faculty and staff.

Members from the Pitt community are currently serving on advisory feedback panels for the Wellness and Recreation Center, including graduate and undergraduate students, faculty and staff, which will shape future programming opportunities.

Concept rendering only – designs to be finalized

What’s Next? 

The project encompasses multiple phases. First, enabling infrastructure improvements started in 2020 and will wrap up in July 2021. During this phase:

  • Stairs to the east of Eberly Hall were closed from Eberly Hall to University Drive A. Pedestrians are able to access Eberly Hall from Parkman Avenue.
  • A portion of University Drive A is closed for enabling project work.

The next phase of the project began in May 2021 with the demolition of O’Hara Garage, which is now complete.


The third phase began in August 2021 with the demolition of the LRDC building which will come to completion in January 2022

  • The sidewalk on O’Hara Street in front of the O’Hara Garage and LRDC will remain closed and fenced off until the Wellness and Recreation Center is complete. The westbound bike lane will merge with traffic. Signage will be placed directing all traffic as such.

Additional progress and updates on infrastructure improvements will occur through the fall.

Please check back to this page for project updates including; timeline updates, road closures, shuttle route changes, facility renderings, and all other updates.