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Many lives and routines have been impacted by COVID-19 and the resulting closures. Working, learning, and teaching from home is a drastic change that may take some time to adapt to. Below you will find a variety of resources to help you stay active, relieve stress and anxiety, and maintain overall wellness. Keep checking this page for additional resources.

Be Fit Pitt Remote Activity Options

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Be Fit Pitt is a service program of the Healthy Lifestyle Institute dedicated to translating research into practice to promote healthy lifestyles. Be Fit Pitt has been creating remote and online wellness and activity opportunities since 2014, and many of these resources are now available to our Pitt Community. 


We recognize how working and studying from home and/or not having access to Fitness Centers and Classes can disrupt your positive health and activity routines. In response to this, the Be Fit Pitt Team has made activity remotely available and we encourage you to participate in the following:



1.)  Pitt Staff, Faculty, and Students can subscribe to daily email or text prompts with Be Fit Pitt:

  • Steps to Enroll:
    • Log in to
    • Choose "Profile" (top right corner)
    • Choose "Pitt Text Messaging Updates"
    • Go to "Opt-In" Tab
    • Choose "Be Fit Pitt"

2.)  Visit or Subscribe to our YouTube Page for activity break and workout content:

  • Follow along for:
    • Over 500 Activity Breaks (under 2 minutes)
    • Workouts to follow along with between 5-40 minutes – no equipment needed
    • Tutorials and variations for all skill levels

The Healthy Lifestyle Institute through Be Fit Pitt is committed to continuing to offer evidence-based fitness opportunities for our Pitt Staff, Faculty, and Students during this trying time. The Team will continue to update and post content to support our Pitt community.


Even if you are not a regular exerciser, Be Fit Pitt encourages you to follow-along and use this time of social distancing to learn about the positive outcomes related to incorporating some activity into your day. All workouts and activity breaks can be done right from home.


Students: As you transition to becoming an online learner, consider taking advantage of our activity breaks and remember to break up your sedentary or seated time with one of our easy to follow segments. After 1-2 minutes, they may come back more alert and hopefully productive.

Center for Creativity Virtual Workshop Space

Keep your mind and creativity active through the University's Center for Creativity virtual workshop space.


Join their vitrual community and enjoy a variety of projects including a blog, a zine, a podcast, and web-based events such as open mic nights. Visit their website and social media frequently for updates on upcoming events and new programs.

University Counseling Online Services & Resources

Online and digital services and resources are available for students by contacting the University Counseling Center at 412-648-7930 x1. Additionally, Therapy Assistance Online resources continue to be available.
Please continue to take care of your health and wellbeing.


In an effort to stay connected and facilitate self-care, the Center for Mindfuless ad Consciousness Studies Co-Director Dr. Carol Greco and her colleague (and CMCS member) Dr. Kelly Beck will be offering weekly virtual meditation sessions to anyone interested.


These recurring virtual sessions will be: Monday evenings 5:30-6:30 (Carol Greco) and Tuesdays at lunchtime 12-12:45pm (Kelly Beck). Feel free to join if you are interested and available for a guided meditation and to connect with others. Click here to visit the event page.



There are lots of social distancing push-up challenges out there which is great, but learn how to do it right and find the version that is best for you with Be Fit Pitt! Push-Up and Dips are excellent body weight exercises the can be done at home – follow along for the tutorial first and quick challenge after. Duration: Total 8:30 (2:30 = tutorial; 6:00 = workout)


We had blast collecting posts from Pitt students showing how they’re staying active during this time of social distancing. Check out our video mashup below!




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AMRAP = As many rounds as possible. This AMRAP was designed by Gillian Scott and that means lots of Burpees (her favorite). Follow along for an exercise tutorial to start, then Gillian will be exercising along with you. Remember to work at your own pace, and do as many rounds as possible – but be sure to maintain good form. Take breaks and use the variations for the tutorial that are best for you!


Ready for a Core Challenge? This quick 5 minute workout uses a lineup of exercises in a pyramid style to create a solid core challenge. We will roll through each exercise, then reverse back down the pyramid to repeat each exercise.


Enjoy quick Zumba workout at home from one of our very own group exercise instructors, Sofia Jacalone. Way to go Sofia!



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No equipment at home? No worries! This great workout uses the wall to challenge your body. In under 10-minutes you can get a total body workout. This includes everything from pushups to wall sits and even some ab and glutei work too!


Whether new to Pilates or a Seasoned Pro – this back to basics centering workout will definitely challenge the core in only 15 minutes. Follow along with Renee.